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ViDEO: Banky W reveals details on Wizkids Album|#via@aproko_music

Watch video where @BankyW reveals details on Wizkids Album. Download & Share!!


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he had to say.

1. What is your name

My real name is Enoma Emmanuel a.k.a MC Bluetut.

2. Where are you from

I am a proud Benin boy from Uwuhde L.G.A.

3. What does MC Bluetut do

I am a multitalented entertainer, I am an OAP with Bronze FM Benin, I am a comedian unto one God, and I am also an MC.

4. Did you go to school

Yes, I went to school, Auchi poly so I’m mentally okay.

5. How old are you

I am just 25.

6. When did you branch into entertainment

I started entertaining way back in 2005/2006, but I actually started in Rhythm FM professionally in 2007/2008.

7. Why did you go into the entertainment scene

After school I entered the streets, but men things nor just dey funny, things tough pass tough.

8. What are your achievements so far

By God’s grace well I’ve achieved a lot but there was one major award by ITCB – a telecom company, they gave me an award because of a radio show I anchor at Bronze FM, I got the award some months back and I was congratulated by other major entertainers in the industry.

9. Which shows have you gone for

Well I was at glo slide and bounce which took place some few months ago in Benin, I was at Ehiglad’s love concert about 2 years ago, more recently I was at Miss COLBEN 2013 where I was a judge, I was also in Ghana Mic Showdown Accra around this time last year, I was in a show organized by AIRTEL in South Africa, there was also a show in Benin-City organized by Lucozed Boost where I performed.

10. Have you performed alongside any major comedians

Yes I have, at the Ghana Concert I performed alongside Seyi Law, Basket Mouth and a host of others.

11. What is your fashion sense like

I dress very simple; I always wear a cap that’s my fashion statement.

12. You don’t have a bald head though

No o, I get hair well, in fact I just cut my hair you no see as the hair fine, “removes cap to show me his well cut hair”.

13. What is your favourite food

Semo and Egusi soup, but I like wheat also, but these foods can change with time nothing is constant, my best soft drink is Fanta or Mirinda, I don’t like anything dark in a bottle. I don’t take alcohol but I drink wine.

14. What perfume do you use

I use active man.

15. What have you learnt so far in the entertainment industry.

I have learnt to be strong and focused, to achieve a common goal which is to blow and make more money.

16. Who is your mentor

I have always and will always look up to God.

17. What is your weak point

I no weak o, I dey very strong only say I no dey play with money.

18. How are you with the ladies

I am fair with the ladies.

19. What kind of attention do girls give you

“Refuses to answer”

20. Do you have a girl friend

I have girlfriends, a lot of girls that are friends, well I don’t really believe in love again.

21. Well thanks for your time MC Bluetut it was really nice interviewing you, you had me cracked up all the way.

Yeah thanks for having me.

You can listen to MC Bluetut on Bronze FM (101.5) Benin on Fridays 10:30pm and on Saturdays 7pm-12am, follow him on twitter @mceebluetut

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MR 2KAY premier his BUBUGAGA remix track at BeatFM a couple of weeks ago. We have attached the video Interview with Olisah,Koch and Maria in the studio.
We also have great news that Bubugaga remix is number one on the Top 20 AFRO BREAKERS,  a chart complied by Nigerian Watch a U.K based magazine. Grabbing the Number one spot on that chat usually means an artist has successfully broken into the U.K Afro beat scene

You would recall the Port Harcourt born artiste, signed to Grafton records  initially released the BUBGAGA remix which featured Moelogo and May7even and has seen over 5million downloads from around the world.
Mr 2kay is also preparing for a trip to the Uk for the video of bubugaga remix before the end of September

Enjoy the Video and feel free to share


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[INTERVIEW]Aprokomusic interview with babyflex of TA records|@jamesbabyflex|aprokomusic

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Let’s meet you” Alright, my name is James obasohan and my stage name is Babyflex. “Why did u chose the name babyflex”.. Years back when in primary school I do love music and decided to give my self a nick name then *2flex* bt unknowing to me that my schoolmate name was still dat 2flex untill a day when we were doing rap battle after school session he told me he named him self 2flex, I was so sad that very day and I went home aggressive when my sister saw my mood she was move to ask me wats wrong and I explained all to her so she told me not to let that bothered me that they is a lot of nick names that I can give my self Baby’flex since am still a baby so I hook up with that……. And am well know as babyflex let me say my sister named me Babyflex :p. “Woooo that’s a great one, so how has the name inspired you in your course of career”. ————————————–Ye very very most especially my careal, although is still challenging I mean both the once am much older than do call me baby even for the ladies, you know when you been called baby frm a girl , lol you knw what that means :p ——————- Hahahah, so tell us how did it all start. ————-A friend of mine called mayor gryn send me his freestyle song he did with wizkid (star boy) when I was in secondary school and hearing his flows I was like I can do bettter than him, so I told him that I can rap and sing he said ok his goin to take me to the studio when his less busy, meanwhile have also told a friend of mine that I can sing too, who showed me her bf who’s an actist and he took me down to sugar Gray that’s when I mearnt sugar who said he like my voice that’s kind of matured than my age so I did my forst track there, titled BOSS ft mayor gryn and everyone do love it so I decided to stick To it. :).

So tell us which of ur song will u say brought u out?…..BODY CALLING ft Timaya last born of dem mama records “ATTITUDE” wich I just did the video not to long directed by st Joseph ovensehi…. What has been fans responds to your song so far….. Very well we thank God for all I think am doing my best I mean to their expectation which I know well that I can even do much better…. What will you say are your major challanges so far in the industry… Many many challanges and one are my fans I mean as a rapper and is singer, all eyes are on you and if you dn’t do what they want or expect from you, you are in big trouble cus the same fans that give you that Fame will still criticise you when you F so u just have to be forcuse and secondly I wn’t say my education is a challenges bt it has not been an easy tacks anyway……. Tell us about ur record label….. As you all know am currently in TA RECORDS (TALENT ARENA NIGERIA) who saw me as a baby and yet am doing wonders and signed me into his record label that’s well knw. In African as one of the best, T A IN MY VAIN MY BLOOD IN MY TISSUE =))…. So what should ur fans be expcting aN albulm from u…. Actually I dnt relay on album or sumtin am ready to drop 100 hit singles before thinking of lunching one………..but let me ssy very soon but my fans out there should expect hits songs from me everyday cus I wnt rest untill am the best among the rest…. So what sould we expect from u few years from now…. Gana do my best, so you just watch and see *smilling*,,,,, what do you have to say to ur fans? All I have to say is thank you very much to all my oga’s @ top lol, and promise to do my best and try to satisfy your want in music promise to make good music my bad habit \=D/… Thanks for your time… The plesure is all mine