“VYBZ” – Aidenomon Kingsley Ayodele, a young Hip Hop artist, who hailed from Edo State formally in a group called Black Rockers, later went solo with the branding “VYBZ” He started his music career as a teenager in G.F.C. Int. As one of G.F.C. music team member where he discovered his potentials in music “VYBZ” has performed in various shows like “RUGGED MAN” last Album lunch feat. Artist like “ELDEE” “JABLESS” and “RUGGED MAN” himself. He as also worked with producers like, “MATTZ” “D’LASH” and some other producers in S.A, planning to work with producer like “SAMKLEF” “DON JAZZY” and “DUNCAN MIGHTY” in the completion of his album. “VYBZ” studied marketing as a discipline.

Nigerians haven’t seen or heard anything yet, “VYBZ” is out to give you that, that will keep you young in spirit through his music. “VYBZ” a.k.a. Iyrical beast.



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